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  • Why do I need your signals?
    You need our signals to stop losing and start winning!
  • How to buy your signals?
    Just text us via email or in telegram, and we will guide you through the process.
  • How to use the signals?
    You will need an account with the forex broker, for example, ICMarkets. The broker will give you access to a trading platform, typically MT4 or MT5. There you can find the ticker of the signal and enter the long or short trade, with entry, stop loss and take profit.
  • What do your signals look like?
    Gold Sell 1709.593 TP_______1668.033 Sl________1727.911
  • Will I get Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit?
    Yes, all the signals come with entry, stop loss and take profit.
  • Is it true that you use 1 TP only?
    Yes, we use 1 TP only!
  • What is your Risk To Reward Ratio?
    Our typical Risk to Reward ratio is 1:1.5 to 1:2
  • What is your Winning rate?
    Our win rate is 74-76% on average.
  • How many signals a day?
    You will receive 3-4 signals a day on average.
  • What sessions do you trade?
    We trade both London and New-York sessions.
  • What markets do you trade?
    We trade forex, gold and oil plus some indexes!
  • Can I have a free trial?
    We don’t provide free trials. You can judge the quality of our work by the high win rate of the free forecast, excellent weekly performance reports and outstanding testimonials!
  • Can I pass FTMO with your signals?
    Yes, our clients regularly pass FTMO with our signals!
  • How can I copy your signals directly to the MT4?
    You can get a telegram to MT4 bot on the internet.
  • Do you guarantee that I will not blow my account?
    Yes, If you follow all our signals and guidelines correctly, you will NOT blow your account. We guarantee that!
  • What If I miss a signal by 10 minutes?
    Not a problem! We trade swing signals so you will have plenty of time to enter the trade, before it goes too far from the entry!
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