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P.S. from Nick himself:


“Our client's satisfaction is our top priority and it's an honor and a privilege to serve hundreds of clients who supported us from the beginning.

We understand that in these trying times of inflation, recession, and everything bubble, our signals and account management provide one of the few real options for the people to keep and increase their wealth, as the old-school investment options are almost invariably unviable at the current P/E ratios and with the current risk profiles.


So my team and I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure our clients peace of mind and deliver wealth accumulation results few others can provide”






ProSignalsFx team is an assembly of talent centred around our boss and founder Nick, a hedge fund trader who ditched the corporate finance world for a laptop and flip-flops.


Nick started his trading journey as a young man in a hedgefund, getting there on a family friend recommendations. Eight years later, now a full fledged trader, he left the hedge fund with the goal of building a team that would have the benefits of collective decision making without the drawbacks of the corporate structure.


Having a unique view of the market, it was obvious that it was easier to teach someone from the scratch, rather than to make an experienced trader change his ways. And so the three mentees, Mike, Ivan and Daniel were taken in for training. These guys are now on the team 5 years of trading experience each.


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The four traders together have weekly briefings, discussing the current market situation, drawing key levels, sharing insights and adjusting the strategy and risk levels according to the collective consensus of the current market conditions.


The three younger traders add dynamism and hunger for greater risk taking, while the key older trader adds experience, wisdom, patience and perspective. Which we find to be the perfect combination of qualities that reinforce each other's strengths while cancelling out each other's weaknesses in a symbiotic relationship.


Collective decision-making is known to be statistically way more accurate, than the individual one, so all trades are accessed by the four traders and only those that get a pass from all four are sent into the VIP group. Which ensures that only the best signals are given to our clients, and which is how we are able to deliver a whopping 76% win rate on our signals service. Serving a warranty against “blowing” accounts.


Having four people on the trading team also ensures that our account management clients always get a fast response and that the managed accounts are never left unattended! The team works like clockwork for our client’s peace of mind. A four-person core provides the robustness of a team without the rigidity of larger corporate structures.


Our day-to-day interactions with the clients are handled by our wonderful sales managers. And the amazing IT support and legal teams keep us going, ensure seamless workflow across the board.

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